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Proven Results

SINE excels at combining technology, art, interaction and design with the science of instruction to form engaging eLearning courses that deliver results. Whether your team plays in a corporate, government, or academic setting, we can develop eLearning courses that build their knowledge and enhance their skills.

The reason our courses have been so effective:

We operate under the guiding principle that great training is formed by combining well-written instructional methods with rich media elements such as sound, video, motion graphics, as well as engaging user interactions and exercises to support successful learning. Instructional methods are techniques that support the learning of the content which include activities such as user-interactions, simulations, and a broad range of practice exercises.

This is where SINE SHINES beyond our competitors.

We have set the bar high for improved learning with our effective, engaging interactivity and skillfully crafted instructional methods.

The Science of Learning

The challenge in eLearning, as with any learning solution, is building courses that are compatible with the way people process information and knowledge.

Courses developed by SINE are effective because we focus on designing instructional methods that support learning by leveraging the science of learning and engaging the learner.

Our strategies start with the premise that any given course will fall within one of three types of eLearning. Our team’s first task is to identify the course’s e-Learning type.

Development Strategy

After we determine the eLearning type, we develop the learning objectives and instructional methods that support the e-Learning type goals.

INFORMATION DELIVERY (receptive): The goal of the course is to add information to the learner’s memory.

RESPONSE STRENGTHENING (directive): The goal of the course is to teach procedures and require performance demonstration.

KNOWLEDGE CONSTRUCTION (guided discovery): The goal of the course is to teach principles and guidelines the learner will use in unpredictable situations on the job. Our competency based training will prepare and track employee performance.

Every training solution!

We take a comprehensive, strategic approach to every training solution.

  • We will help meet important organization goals by filling a gap in knowledge and skills.
  • The eLearning type and goals to support it are identified.
  • Learning objectives are established with the intent of all content is to be relevant to these objectives.
  • The new knowledge and skills that are to be taught in the course are determined through a detailed job and task analysis and are linked to the learning objectives.
  • The content is developed with instructional designers working in collaboration with subject matter experts.
  • Instructional methods such as user-interactions, simulations, and practice activities are identified to support the learning objectives.
  • Media elements such as photos, illustrations, video, motion graphics and animations are determined to support the delivery of the content and instructional methods.

It is the level of expertise and creativity that SINE brings to each and every fundamental step of eLearning development that separates us from others.

Highly functional, flexible and user-friendly

Our course material and instructional methods include videos, graphics, animations, tests, skill checks, user interactions and other media assets.  We create tremendous possibilities and options for combining these media assets with user interactivity and animated demonstrations.  SINE has developed training in each of the three types of eLearning categories:



The goal of the course is to add information to the learner’s memory.  We developed a course for a major appliance distributor to teach the sales force how to sell the features, advantages, and benefits of a new product.


The goal of the course is to teach procedures and require performance demonstration.  We developed two (2) courses to present company policies regarding personal conduct in the workplace and the procedures for handling misconduct. The training presents students with a variety of scenarios.  They must demonstrate knowledge of proper procedures.

KNOWLEDGE CONSTRUCTION (guided discovery):

The goal of the course is to teach principles and guidelines the learner will use in unpredictable situations on the job.  An organization needed to improve its productivity. We developed a course to teach company managers the techniques and skills needed to motivate and enable employees to perform to their full potential.

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